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Carlyle Elementary School

Carlyle’s annual IB-PYP Exhibition 2023!

The grade six students are hard at work, researching the ways in which humankind expresses themselves. This inquiry project initiated from personal interest, precisely expressing ourselves through social media, film, art, robotics, science, food and fashion, which extended into the study of current modern forms of expression.

Grade 6 students at Carlyle write song to promote peace, social change (City News)

Montreal Grade 6 students are uniting their voices in song to share a special message of peace while urging social change. The students at Carlyle Elementary School in TMR – part of the English Montreal School Board – wrote an original song called “Deserve Peace.”  Read More!

Carlyle students share message of peace

Carlyle School Exhibition song 2023

Songs have historically been a powerful tool in raising awareness and aiding protests for social change. The grade 6 students wrote and composed this original song outlining the importance of respect, equality and empathy to achieve peace in the world.

Carlyle Virtual Open House

Get a feel for your child's future! Meet our teachers and administrators online. Our virtual open house live stream is still online for you to watch!

Carlyle IB Programme

In their own words, the IB Primary Years Programme explained by IB students and teachers.

A Little While

Carlyle Students’ “A Little While” on CBC

You Are Our Heroes 2021 (Carlyle International)

For commemorative March 11 | Carlyle grade 6 students on CBC news!

Carlyle Virtual IB-PYP Exhibition 2021!

Carlyle Virtual Holiday Concert

Carlyle Virtual Concert 2021 Pre K to Grade 2

Carlyle Virtual Concert 2021 Pre K to Grade 2

Carlyle Virtual Concert 2021 Grade 3 to Grade 6

Carlyle Virtual Concert 2021 Grade 3 to Grade 6

We Need Each Others

We Need Each Others

Amplifying the importance of climate change through music