About Our School

Carlyle's School Portrait

Our Territory:

Carlyle School is well located within short walking distance of the heart of the Town of Mount Royal. It has a wealth of services within its immediate vicinity such as the Reginald J. P. Dawson Library, the Recreation Centre, and Connaught Park including tennis courts, lawn bowling and croquet greens. The municipal library offers bilingual activities throughout the year for all age groups. It is also a venue for the summer reading club, art exhibits and demonstration seminars. The Recreation Centre grounds contain a baseball/soft ball field, four soccer fields, the municipal pool, the rollerblading rink and skate park, track and field, and skating arena. The Recreation Centre building houses art, dance and pottery studios and a youth centre. It offers language courses, music, photography, self defense, and safety and prevention courses. The green space serves as the location for summer day camps. The indoor skating rink operates all year in addition to winter skating areas built out doors behind the Recreation Centre for hockey and free skating. The above-mentioned and other organizations are available to Carlyle school students that will complement and enrich their academic program.

Our boundaries are delineated by Papineau to the east, the waterfront to the south, Decarie Boulevard to the west and the Metropolitan boulevard (Highway 40) to the north.

Our History:

Our History Carlyle School, located at 109 Carlyle Avenue, was built in 1920 by the architect D.J. Spence. It was the first school to open in the Town of Mount Royal, a community designed by landscape architect Frederick Gage Todd in 1912; one that has received national historic recognition by the Federal government. Carlyle contained two classes, two professors and 26 students. The school was later known as Mount Royal High School, teaching two classes at the seventh grade level and two classes for the eighth grade, each with 40 to 50 students. It returned to an elementary school when Mount Royal High School opened its doors in 1950.

Our School Population:

Our school community reflects the multi-ethnic and multi-lingual community of Montréal. The school welcomes all students, integrating them into regular classes while supporting them through a resource room model of special education.