Carlyle Elementary School

What is a Governing Board?

The Governing Board is the official parent body of the school and concerns itself with issues which affect the school community as a whole. It is composed of parents, teachers, non-teaching and support staff, daycare, and community representatives.

Members 2021-2022

Chairperson Verma, Anjali
EMSB Parent Delegate Aronoff, Avigail
EMSB Parent Alternate Delegate Pasteris, Alessandra
Treasurer Ishmael, Jerry
Commissioner Israel, Ellie
Community Representative

Parent Members

Parents Lambiris, Davy
Parents Grospe, Ramundo Ciron
Parents Romulo, Ciron Grospe

Staff Members

Principal Voudrousis, Dina
Teachers -Staff Assistant - Alternate Secretary MacDougall, Christina
Teachers -Staff Assistant - Secretary Diacoumacos, Ioanna
Teacher Chronis, Angela
Teacher Pepe, Lisa
Personnel non-enseignant /Non-Teaching Professional Kennedy, David
Service de garde /Daycare Gervasi, Priscilla