Carlyle Elementary School

Monthly hot lunch menus will be available on the Merenda website for parents to download and return with their payment. Orders may be sent directly to the caterer by e-mail, fax or via the school office.

Nutrition Policy

To encourage healthy eating, our meals are carefully prepared with the recommendations of the EMSB dieticians and based on the original Framework Policy issued from the MELS. All our meals are to be approved by the dietician before a menu can be sent to the parents.


For the birthdays, we ask that you include your child's birth date on their order form so that if he/she orders on that day they will receive birthday goodies included in their snack bag.

Payment Options

We presently have three methods of payment. We accept cheques, credit cards (MasterCard & Visa) and debit cards. Please be advised that if paying with your credit card or debit card, there will be a $1.00 administration fee per transaction. For the debit card users, you will have to bring in your order in person so that we may pass your card in the debit machine. The credit card users can either indicate their card number and expiry date on the order, give us the info over the phone or in person at our office. Should you wish to pay cash, please bring your order form and payment directly to our office. Please be advised that we are not responsible for any lost cash orders sent to school.


Since there are two choices of hot meals every day, after selecting your choice on the menu, write an X in the appropriate spaces on the calendar to the effect. Please make cheque payable to IL Colosseo including the total amount for all the meals during the coming month. Please write your child's name, homeroom number, lunchroom number, and your phone number where indicated, as well as on the back or front of your cheque. You should also inform us if your child is subject to any kind of food allergy. The menu order form and payment should be put in a sealed envelope and returned to your child's monitor.

Please be advised that we will not accept any post-dated cheques. They must be made payable by the date they are handed in for the month. Also, there will be no substitute meals or refunds, so please take note of any activities your child is participating in. If your child is absent, please advise us no later than 9:30 a.m., by e-mail or telephone, and we will substitute their meal for another day. Unfortunately, you will not be refunded. The only time you will be refunded is if your child will be absent for more than three (3) days and has meals for those days. To be refunded, please advise us to cancel the meals every morning that your child is absent. Please respect the due date so that we can minimize any oversights. We will, however, accept weekly orders, which are to be deposited in the designated box the Monday before the week of the order. We will not accept any telephone orders nor, will there be any exceptions.

Please note: When a field trip, ped day or strike day is announced that we have not been made aware of, please contact us so that we may cancel the meal and apply it to the following month's order. You have only to deduct the total amount from the order. Please refer to any special notes indicating scheduled field trips or activities for the month when selecting your meals. Also, please be aware that should the schools close due to unforeseen circumstances (snowstorm, ice storm, power failure, etc.) you will be credited $2.00 on your next month’s menu.

Fundraising Fridays

Fridays will be a fundraising activity for Carlyle School. The cost will remain at $5.00 and includes a beverage and snack.