Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.)

Carlyle Elementary School

The Carlyle Parent Participation Organization has been mandated by the school’s governing board to oversee and execute all fundraising activities. It is a very active committee and invites all parents to become involved, even by volunteering a couple of hours at a single event during the year (daytime and evening hours are available). Home and School works tirelessly to offer the students and families enrichment through various extra-curricular activities and events , as well as opportunities, to give back to the community.  Meetings take place 6 times per year on weeknights, and all parents are invited to join us to see what Parent Participation Organization is all about.

Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.)
Members 2021-22

Chairperson Zenith Jiwan
Parent Amy McAloon
Parent Jo-Anne Dudley
Parent Sabrina Pagano
Parent Ania Krobak
Parent Carolyn Fascia
Parent Catherine Rigod Halprin
Parent Claudia Gaviria
Parent Janine Hopkinson
Parent Jaylene Medeiros
Parent Karen Yousfan
Parent Maria Pagano
Parent Marisa Jean Robert
Parent Carolyn Pinto
Parent Hatice Bak
Parent Stacey De Wolfe
Parent Serena Riccio
Parent Susan Chavieri
Parent Tatiana Gomez
Parent Sabah Feifer
Parent Vivian Zabbal Razian
Parent Suzanne Boutin
Parent Naila Bourne Cadotte