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Caryle Elementary School

Carlyle’s annual IB-PYP Exhibition!
Track & Field Day | Carlyle Grades 5/6
Spring concert
Orange Shirt Day
Remembrance Day
Halloween 2021
Play Based Learning Day

Carlyle preschool students had a blast immersing themselves in different types of play-based learning activities with @universeofplay! In the construction play area, they were eager to test ramps of various inclines and were driven to find innovative ways of creating their own! As they engaged in dramatic role-play, they enjoyed taking turns pretending to be a veterinarian at The Carlyle Veterinary Clinic. They worked together and communicated their ideas in aim of providing the best care to the injured animals. Throughout the literacy sand play game, they were focused on actively listening to different item descriptions (color, shape, sound, function) in aim of being the first to find the matching item in the sand bin. In the loose parts play area, students followed their curiosity as they combined and transformed open-ended materials in a variety of ways that were meaningful to them. Students enjoyed experimenting, discovering, learning and connecting with one another through play!

Walk A Thon
Quebec City
Carlyle with Music