A Message from the EMSB

group of admin and students
Montreal - Tuesday, July 5, 2022

With the summer break upon us, we wish to take this opportunity to wish all of our stakeholders some well-deserved time off.

These past two and a half school years have not been easy for anyone in the face of a worldwide pandemic. However, you have all risen to the occasion.  Despite some obstacles with COVID protocols, we have continued to fulfill our mission of educating our future leaders. From Pre-K to adult education, we serve students from aged four to others in their 70s.

With life returning a little bit more to normal, in-person assemblies, field trips, graduation ceremonies, and proms were back.

The EMSB continues to thrive academically. We maintain the highest success rate of any public school board on the island of Montreal. More than 75 percent of our youth sector students are enrolled in French immersion or bilingual programs, underlining the excellent quality of our French instruction.

This past year the EMSB placed a special focus on Diversity and Inclusion, as well as mental health and wellness and anti-bullying programs.


Please enjoy the time off and we will see you back for the first day of class on August 30.


The Directorate

Nick Katalifos
Director General 
Joe Ortona
Chair  & The Council of Commissioners
Jack  Chadirdjian and Pela Nickoletopoulos 
Assistant Directors General