Leadership Program

Carlyle Elementary School

The Carlyle leadership program is a program that prepares grade 5 and 6 students to take on important and greater responsibilities in working with and helping younger students and the adults in the school.

The purpose of the program is to encourage, develop and foster for the students, a sense of pride, respect, responsibility and leadership. This is accomplished through working with younger students, the Carlyle staff and community members  in various school activities. 

Integrating the themes LEAD, SOLVE and PLAY the students participate in several training sessions that will prepare them to become: 

  • Leaders
  • Problem Solvers
  • Games Wizards
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy

Carlyle Leadership Program Essentials

The Essentials: 

Older students can be amazing role models. The purpose of the leadership program is to provide the students with opportunities to display their skills and talents in a coordinated, directed program.

The program further aims to encourage, develop and foster a sense of pride, respect, responsibility and leadership.

Everyday a team of grade 5 and 6 students are scheduled to work as Leaders. Their tasks and functions are plentiful as you can imagine:

  • Organize, facilitate and run structured activities in the playground, gym and games room 
  • Animate quiet indoor (classroom) games during bad weather days 
  • Act as supports for younger students in dressing, eating, escorts around the school, etc., 
  • Referee, time keeper, score keeper and even coach sport games.
  • Problem-solve and mediate in minor friendship issues between students 
  • Playground equipment / toys managers
  •  Classroom line-up models and assistants 
  • Community participant leaders (Intergenerational programs) 
  • School Ambassadors: Open-house guides 
  • Act as an extra helpful pair of honest eyes around the school and in the playground 
  • Buddy-Leader who escorts children to the washroom, band-aid runs, lost and found, etc.